Train Your VA to Grow Your Pinterest

Outsource your Pinterest growth to your VA to get you leads and revenue on autopilot!

Investment: £197


So, what’s the dealio with Pinterest?

Pinterest is the platform for you if you want sustained results for your business. Sharing a single pin of yours lasts around 4 months!

Facebook? 5 hours!

Twitter? 18 minutes??

Sharing your content to Pinterest in a strategic way is a no-brainer - getting more leads to your business organically! What it does take is consistent action. Being present on the platform and how to pin content that will get you results.


Why should I train my VA to do this for me?

I’ve created this masterclass exclusively for business owners who want to get more traffic and leads to their business without the hefty price tag of hiring a Pinterest marketing manager or agency.

Pinterest management is a specialist skill and you’ll likely be charged £300+ per month with a minimum contract (I charge £500 per month for Pinterest management).

So, how about if you could train your VA everything they need to know (from a professional) and implement for you - in 2 hours a week?

What’s Covered in this Masterclass?

In this jam packed, no-fluff masterclass your VA will know the exact steps needed to grow your Pinterest account from scratch.

I’ll be sharing actionable steps your VA can take on a weekly basis in the 3 key areas of using Pinterest successfully in your business that will bring you leads every single day.

Here’s a snippet of what’s included in each section!


How to create a Pinterest presence strategically aligned to your audience and offerings.


Know what content to share & how to share it to increase engagement, and eliminate bad practices that will get you banned.


How to build relationships with influencers to skyrocket your results, as well as how to review analytics and produce KPI reports.

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Hi - I’m Clare Drake

A Pinterest marketing strategist who teaches creative service based entrepreneurs how to streamline their marketing using Pinterest ❤️️

I’m excited to show you how Pinterest can transform your productivity, creativity and revenue in your business.