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In this free 5 day challenge you’ll learn exactly how to use Pinterest to get leads on autopilot to your core product or service!

I’m on a mission to simplify Pinterest for you & show you how easy it can be to increase your revenue (and freedom) using Pinterest ❤️️

You in?

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Challenge starts on 16th September 2019


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    So, what is the Pinterest List Building Challenge?

    I know how overwhelming Pinterest can seem. Yet another platform to learn, right? Plus the thought of adding ALL of your content to Pinterest seems a mammoth task. Then there’s all the conflicting ‘advice’ out there about what you should do and how you should do it.

    Yes I’ve heard you - and I’ve created this challenge specifically for YOU!

    In this free 5 day challenge we’ll focus on the one thing that matters - getting traffic & leads to your core offering quickly.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:


    What offering will you be focused on boosting sales to in the next 90 days?


    Create your Pinterest profile (easily) that’s aligned to your audience


    What opt-in will you use to get leads to your core offer?


    We will create 3 pieces of content to promote your opt-in (this is super simple - I promise)


    We’ll research & write your pin descriptions to get your content found & engaged with!

    Bonus Masterclass:

    Creating Your ONE Hour a Week Pinning Schedule

    Meet Your Challenge Host

    Clare Drake | Pinterest Marketing Strategist


    Before I started using Pinterest for my previous business, it was honestly a last ditch attempt. I was so tired of constantly posting on all over social media (facebook groups wore me out - and this was when engagement in FB groups was actually decent) but little to show for it.

    I was scattered and trying everything to get clients. I had little traffic, a few subscribers here and there, and a few bites of client work from less than ideal clients.

    So I went all in with Pinterest. Yep, took all the courses, tested all the things and realised how it could be a game changer for my business (and sanity). I still get subscribers from a pin I posted 2-3 YEARS ago that grows my list daily. I realised with the right targeted strategy I could ditch social media (that’s why I’m rarely on there) and focus solely on building my business through Pinterest (I became booked out after a few months).

    Yes it worked and I fell in love with Pinterest - and knew that this was something I needed to share with others. This is why I now focus teaching it through workshops and coaching! 😊

    I’m so passionate about it because I know it can make marketing your business SO much easier - but I also know that there’s so much stuff out there stopping you (hello overwhelm and lack of time). So I designed this challenge to get you started with the key things to get results quickly.

    What you can look forward to…

    Reasons to join the Pinterest List Building Challenge

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      “I’m celebrating two lovely new clients, more sign ups on my website and new blogs being drafted this week. A lot of this has happened since working with Clare on her Pinterest workshop which was amazing!”

      Sarah Hughes Executive Coach


      “You’re the Queen of Pinterest!”

      Kim Argetsinger Mindset & Biz Coach


      “Huge thank you to the amazing Clare Drake who came into my membership and delivered the BEST Pinterest training…ever!”

      Heather Angell Founder of Focused & Fearless

      "In just two weeks I've made nearly £100 in online sales by doing what you said"! Lisa Parkes

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