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Clare was such a gift to me when I was stuck in the branding stages of my business. She helped me with elevating the design elements of my website and Pinterest graphics, and gave me some fantastic ideas which I implemented immediately. I was so grateful to have her sharp eye for detail, her experience and her encouragement to keep going.


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"I started a health and wellness blog in March of this year.  I spent several months (and countless hours) trying to format images for my site and Pinterest that reflected by brand with little or no success.  Then I met Clare.  She immediately identified  the main reason why people were not coming to my site - lack of consistent branding.  We worked together to come up with a concept, colors, fonts and images that reflected both my personality and my brand.  

Since then, I have seen a dramatic increase in traffic to my site and my Pinterest following has tripled almost overnight!  Not to mention, Clare is the consummate professional - diligent, responsive and highly motivating.  

I would highly recommend her to anyone that is looking to build their business or online presence; whether you are a newbie or seasoned veteran looking for a fresh new look."


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“Clare has helped me immeasurably with Pinterest. As someone who was coming to Pinterest in fear, without any idea where to begin, Clare has demystified the workings of it. And more than that, I actually look forward to developing Age of Reason’s Pinterest further."

ALI MAPLETOFT | Age of Reason Studios