The No.1 Reason Why You Should Be Using Pinterest for Business

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Successful Pinterest marketing isn’t actually about Pinterest at all.

Words that came out of my mouth at a workshop I hosted yesterday (I’ve done quite a few now and no it doesn’t get less terrifying)!

The thing is, by using Pinterest to market our businesses successfully (more eyeballs + more revenue) we need to think through the brand experience we want to take potential clients through - and that means our showcasing who we are; understanding our audience; developing relevant content; building community and offering value, all on a consistent basis. All of which must be planned out BEFORE getting our biz on to Pinterest.

So, the ultimate goal for using Pinterest shouldn’t be “I want more traffic”. For every click through you get - ask yourself: “how can I blow their mind with the amazing value I can offer them” and then be explicit in showing them exactly what you want them to do to get it.

Do you have an epic lead magnet that is a no-brainer for them? Is a call to action for it throughout your blog post, sidebar and navigation menu?

I can teach you how to create pin graphics; how to get your content seen; and how to use Pinterest to get results (i.e: traffic) but if you’ve not got a strategy in place to convert them once they land on your website you’ll not get the results you actually want (to be booked out/increased revenue/having a community of raving fans).

So, the #1 reason to use Pinterest for your business is - you guessed it, to get them on your email list! This allows you to build relationships, offer exceptional value and share your offers with those who need you!

"Having an email list is the closest thing you can have to a printing press that will print money for you" Jeff Walker

Well said, Jeff! 🙌

How about you? Have you made it as easy as possible for your audience to get on your email list through an epic, value-packed freebie?

Clare x