How To Go Viral - The Awesome Free Tool You Need!

As a blogger and business owner I am always looking for ways to simplify my workload and work smarter. Being inundated with a tool for this and that seems to be the norm, and knowing which ones are worth the time and effort turns my days into an unproductive mess . Despite having a fair few go-to tools I use on a daily basis that I rely on, this particular one for creating viral content has been beyond amazing – plus it’s totally free!


So, by now you’re likely thinking – yep come on girl, what is it? Let me in on this secret weapon! Introducing – CoSchedule Headline Analyzer – my go-to tool when I write any blog post. Here I’ll give you a rundown of what it does and why you should be using it to create killer blog post headlines that will go viral!


Headline Score

Headline analyzer scores your headline and takes into account your mix of common, uncommon, emotional and power words. Your score takes into account shareability and seo potential. For this particular blog post ‘How to go viral – the awesome free tool you need!’, the headline analyzer gave it a score of 80 – which is my highest score to date. Pretty darn pleased with that!


Word Balance

After your initial headline score, you get a word balance grade – which is the one I focus on. Again couldn’t get much better than the A+ I got for this title. Yay! This basically means that it’s been analyzed for its readability – including structure and grammar. You can see below that I have a good mix of all word types.



Let’s look at each word type and why they’re important for a viral headline!

Common Words

Common words are bread and butter words. Important for sentence structure but will not impact the headline’s ability to go viral – other than readability. CoSchedule recommends your common words should make up around 20-30% of your headline. I’m happy with my 20%! Common words are ones such as andI, or about etc. My common words for this headline are ‘how’, ‘the’ ‘to’ and ‘you’.



Uncommon Words

These are words that are (surprise surprise) more uncommon, and give your headline substance. Uncommon word examples are ‘actually’, ‘more’ or ‘beautiful’. The two uncommon words I use in my headline are ‘awesome’ and ‘need’. You’ll also see that ‘awesome’ is also a power word – which we’ll get to in a moment! 10-20% is the guideline for this word type and I am happy with my 10%.


Emotional Words

This is the most crucial word type. This allows you to really connect with the reader by stirring emotion and get them to click through and share! Aim for atleast 10-15% of emotional words in your own headline. Emotional words contribute heavily to my word balance at 30% and are ‘free’ ‘how to’ and ‘viral’. Some other great emotional words include ‘attractive’, ‘danger’ and ‘valuable’.


Power Words

Power words are used to get readers to incite action – and are more unique than emotional words. They are usually a combination of words such as ‘in the world’ and ‘for the first time’.  Aim for at least one power word. My 20% include ‘awesome’, ‘free’ and ‘want’.

Get your FREE cheatsheet with the best emotional and power words to use to create your viral headline HERE.


Headline Types

There are three headline types you want to aim for and one to avoid. Let’s start with the one to avoid. The GENERIC Headline.


Generic Headlines

I’ll be honest with you I have changed the headline for this post five times. Each time thinking it couldn’t be improved on until I got to writing this section – where it told me I could do better as the headline I chose was way too generic. The post title prior to what it is now was ‘Want to go viral? You need this awesome tool’, which I thought rocked…until now!

The three other headline types we’ll get to in a moment have a higher SEO value, get more shares, traffic and overall engagement – so pick one of these instead!


How To Headlines


The wonderful ‘How To’ headline and the one I’ve chosen for this blog post. How to posts are one of the most shared headlines ever and are ideal if you want to teach your reader something that is highly actionable. I use this a lot in my own content as my goal is to help other creatives to build and grow profitable businesses – using my own experiences to teach.


List Post Headlines

5 ways to’, ‘22 tricks to’,‘100 of the best’ etc! Think of ways to turn your blog posts into a list and you’ll increase your engagement considerably. List post content is also highly actionable and easy to consume.


Question Headlines

Question headlines illicit our natural curiosity to find out an answer to a question. Crafting these well can be tricky but highly worthwhile. Focus on emotional and power words to get engagement!


The next section that the headline analyzer reviews is the character and word count. I am very happy with my character count – which ensures it looks right in search engines. Aim for around 55 characters for the best engagement – and aim to get your keyword is in the first 20 characters. My main keyword is ‘viral’ and comes in at character number 8. Phew…


My word count could be improved slightly as I know that at 10 words it’s over the recommended word count of 6 words for optimal engagement, but I won’t be able to improve this without sacrifice to readability – so I’m sticking with my slightly wordy headline! With each headline you craft, take into account the big picture and what you can let go of.

Keyword & Sentiment Analysis


Keywords are the words used to find your content. My keyword is ‘tool’, however I’ve ensured  I’ve used ‘viral’ and ‘tool’ in my URL, meta descriptions, image alt descriptions, and throughout my body copy. The sentiment analysis reviews your headline and if has a positive rather than negative sentiment –  positive sentiment headlines get shared more, so focus on using strong, emotional words for increased engagement!


Right – now off you go to Headline Analyzer and create spectacular viral headlines, my lovelies!


Download your free emotional & power words cheatsheet here.