Why Everyone Should Have a Personal Brand

Whether you're an entrepreneur, blogger, freelancer, or employee, being able to show your expertise in a professional way will not only enhance your career prospects but will also brand yourself as an expert in your field. Think of your own branded website as your own online resume, where your skills, expertise and unique qualities can be viewed by people you want to work with - whether it's for your dream job or the new client/customer you're trying to land. This will be a huge step up on your competitors! 

Discover what you need to include in your personal branding to create a GREAT first impression, and get everyone vying to work with you. 

Download your FREE personal branding workbook  here .

Download your FREE personal branding workbook here.

Your Story - Who You Are

This is where you tell the world who you are. What makes you unique? What do you do? This is also the place to tell your story. Be personal – authentic, anecdotal stories of what you’ve done in life allows you to connect with others on a real level. Don’t keep it all professional. Show your human side – struggles and all!


Where does your heart lie? What lights you up? WHY do you do what you do? This is the place to expand on your story and tell the reader why you do what you do and how it makes you feel. What do you want to be known for? What are your goals for your future? Remember – dream big and then dream bigger!

Your Accomplishments - What You've Done

This is where you share what you’ve done. Who have you helped? What are your skills? What were the results? Share transformation stories. Show – don’t tell. If you’re a graphic designer can you share a re-brand project (before and after)? If you’re a digital marketer can you show how you’ve helped someone get more business? Show it! Are you a stylist? Show how you transformed someone’s look & confidence! If you can produce a video of your results – do it!

No matter what field you’re in – there are always ways to show to others what you’re doing with your one and precious life!

Be Personal

What do you do when you’re not working? What are your hobbies? Do you enjoy skiing, hiking, Netflix binges, going to Comic-Con? Show who you really are and who you choose to spend your life with.

Download your FREE perosnal branding workbook  here . 

Download your FREE perosnal branding workbook here

The Nuts & Bolts

Now you’ve got your story and accomplishments down, you need to compile them in a neat package – and that’s where your website comes in. I personally love WordPress, however use Squarespace for most of my client work. I mainly do this because Squarespace’s customer support far exceeds that of WordPress – and I want my client’s site to be as stress-free as possible.

Choose your own self hosted WordPress site or Squarespace. Nothing else – especially not Wix!

Once you’ve decided on WP or SS – you can start your branding and setting up your site.

Visual Identity

Branding can be a complex process – whether you’re a business or a personal brand. You want to convey what you do and your style through the use of visuals. This starts with your logo. As this is a personal brand, it will likely be your own name. But the style, colors and fonts you choose should portray who you are and what people can expect from you as a person. A personal brand logo should showcase your PERSONALITY!

I start all of my client branding work with a Pinterest board and ask clients to fill it with inspiration. What colors, typography, images, textures, mood and style do they envisage for their brand. For personal branding you should ask yourself – Is this color, font or image authentically me?

Once you have your logo and brand style guide (a document that includes what colors, typography and any extra design elements to use in your branding) you can start creating your website.

Check out our post on how to easily create your Brand Style Guide here and get your free brand style guide template. 

Website Wireframe

A website wireframe is what pages you want on your site and what information is to be included on each. With a personal branding website your site can be relatively simple – this is known as a portfolio website and usually includes your homepage, your work/services page, an about page, a contact page and if required a blog. Once you have drafted what you want on each page you can add any design elements, your copy and upload your images you’ll be using. I tend to create clear and minimalist sites for my personal branding clients – with special attention to showing WHO they are on the homepage.

Remember if you’re designing the website yourself remember to think about what action you want every visitor to take. Do you want them to enquire about your services, visit your blog or sign up to your email list? Have a clear goal and design your homepage around it. Once all the elements are in place you can now go live and showcase your talents to the world!

Download your FREE personal branding workbook  here.

Download your FREE personal branding workbook here.