How to Turn Your Monthly Viewers on Pinterest into Traffic

In this week's Facebook Live learn why your monthly viewers DO NOT equal traffic to your business and what you can do to fix that! 


You may think that the more unique monthly viewers you have on your Pinterest account, the more traffic you get right? Well, sorry but that just isn't always the case! 


If your monthly viewers are high but it's not equating to decent website traffic then this is for you! 

In this live session I also talk about:

  • Why high monthly viewers doesn't equal traffic

  • What most people do to raise their monthly viewers to look popular

  • Why targeted traffic to your business is more important than viewers

  • The #1 way you can make the switch to traffic over viewers

I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments! What do you think?  

Clare x

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The #1 Way to Turn Your Pinterest Monthly Viewers into Traffic