5 Reasons You’re NOT Getting Results with Pinterest

So let me guess - you heard amazing things about what Pinterest can do for your traffic so you signed up for a fancy Pinterest course, right? You implemented everything the “right” way but still aren’t getting results.


You’re SO frustrated that you’re doing everything you *should* be doing, but aren’t getting the success that others are bragging about. Sound familiar? The thing is I hear this all the time!


You're thinking "If I’m doing everything I should be doing then what’s the deal?"


I can promise you if this is you then at least one or all of these are in play…


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Reason #1: Your Graphics Suck


This is something I see a lot. I get it - not all of us are graphic designers so we do it ourselves. Canva is a lifesaver, right? The thing is with Canva is that EVERYONE is doing the same thing. With the same style, fonts and not forgetting those stock photos you got for free. 😩


This basically means that your pin graphic doesn’t stand out - and gets ignored (despite the effort you’ve put in to get it SEO optimised. Hopefully - more on that below).


Want to know the formula for creating great graphics? Well here it is:


Consistent Branding + Call to Action = AWESOME graphic.


Action Step: Get a graphic designer to create a template for you! (I offer this service! Find out more...)


Reason #2: You’re Not Being Consistent


You’ve optimised your account, boards and content - and you’re happy with it. Your amazing pins have been added to your boards.


Now what? Are you pinning daily (or scheduling content to be shared daily)? Are your own pins going out first every day? Are you sharing your new content to Tailwind Tribes?


It may seem like a lot of work - but it really isn’t. It’s just strategy and making sure that you utilize tools that will automate the process for you.


Action Step: Set aside an hour or so a week to plan out your content in Tailwind and put it into the schedule to go out on a daily basis! (Make sure your first 5 pins after midnight UTC time are your best content).


Sign up for your free Tailwind trial here*

Reason #3: You’re impatient


Oh this is a big one! As nice as it would be to get results instantly, Pinterest simply isn’t the platform for that.


I’ve had clients who were miffed when they didn’t see results they were expecting after a couple of months. Seriously, lower your expectations. Pinterest is a marathon, not a sprint.


Pinterest is also a search engine which means it takes time to get your content found. Although Pinterest are working on this with the implementation of hashtags and the 'expore' tab - so expect this to get quicker in the coming months! :)


Action Step: Plan out the results you want from Pinterest but be realistic and extend that timeframe (6+ months ahead)!


Reason #4: Your account is too broad


Your Pinterest boards are all over the place.


Let’s say you’re a social media manager and you want to attract your ideal audience (people who will be interested in YOUR content & actually hire you) but your followers and monthly viewers aren’t *really* interested in your social media or business posts. They’re more interested in your home decor or recipe boards. This means that they’re not engaging with your content and certainly not gaining you any traffic.


If you want to take your presence on Pinterest seriously as a business owner you need to show your audience exactly what to expect from you - not bolster your followers or monthly viewers to make yourself look more popular. That’s a waste of your time - and seriously - who of us have time for that?!


Action Step: Focus your boards on what you have to offer and surrounding topics. That will help you to build an engaged audience. Quality > quantity.


Reason #5: Lack of optimisation


So, you've kinda optimised it. Written a sentence and added some broad keywords. 


Each and every piece of your content should be optimised so it actually gets found by your audience.


That means that you should be thinking about how to make the most of that description! It should make sense - and not just be random keywords you think will be searched for - but meaningful sentences with a call to action.


There are 3 steps you should take when writing your descriptions:

1. Research WITHIN Pinterest to see popular keywords and phrases for your type of content.

2. Weave coherent sentences together interspersed with these phrases as well as broader topics

3. Add a few relevant hashtags!


(If you want to know more about how you should be writing your descriptions (with an example) you can check out my post The New Pinterest Rules: How to Use Pinterest for Business in 2018)

5 Reasons You're Not Getting Results with Pinterest


Do any of these resonate with you? Which one do you think you may be guilty of?

I promise you - I’ve hit them all! 😂

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