How to Build Your Brand Using Pinterest

how to build your brand using pinterest

Pinterest is a hell of a platform. Although, it's not a social media platform like the majority of people think it is. It's actually a search engine. People use it to shop, search for projects, get recipes and advice. Just like Google - just in visual form. 

If you're a creative - it doesn't matter what industry you're in, I can guarantee your ideal audience is on Pinterest. So, it's your job to make it super easy for them to find YOU.

Here are my top tips to mastering it so you can get your audience to follow you, repin your content, bring your blog or business targeted traffic, build your email list, make sales and ultimately build your brand.

So, let's get started!

First things first - download the free checklist below!


 Understanding why you're doing this is key. What's you #1 goal for using Pinterest? Do you want to get more traffic to your blog, business or personal brand? More sales? More enquiries from potential collaborators or clients? Or perhaps, you're a smarty pants and know the #1 reason you should be using it is to grow your email list! (HINT: that should be the goal for everyone - 'cause whatever your ultimate goal is, it will all lead back to traffic, sales and brand building if you focus on list building first). 


Your bio is where your audience get's to know you for the first time. It's where you tell them about you and how you can help THEM! There are a few steps to perfecting your bio and let's start here:

1. Make sure you have a business account - this gives you wonderful, targeted analytics that tells you a ton of information about who you're attracting. 

I know that from my Pinterest analytics I get around 150,000 views to my account on a monthly basis and consist of mainly women in the UK & US (my target market). I can also see which of my content gets re-pinned and clicked on the most, which means I know what type of content I should create more of. 

2. Have rich pins set up - This basically means that when I produce content the title and description gets pulled from my website and appears on Pinterest in bold and is given preference in the smart feed (Pinterest's algorithm).

You can apply for rich pins here

rich pins example

3. Have a keyword rich account name - This shows Pinterest and your audience what to expect from you. Your content will appear in searches and your content will be made a priority.

I include the terms 'branding, business, blogging, entrepreneur tips' in my name as it links to the type of content I share.

Think about what terms your audience will be searching for when it comes to your own business. 


Clare Drake Pinterest Bio

4. Make your bio all about your audience - How can you portray to your audience how you can help them. It's evident from my bio that I help creatives build & launch brands. I also have a CTA (call to action) that encourages them to join my free facebook group for creative women.

How can you show your audience what they can expect from you in a sentence or two? Bonus points if you can weave a really great CTA in there aswell.


Your boards need to be tailored specifically to your niche and contain content that your audience will want to see.

When curating and culling your boards, ask yourself: 'Is this board educating, empowering or inspiring my audience?'  If it's not then remove it or make it a secret board. 

When creating your boards you should focus on these 4 things! 

1. Have 20+ boards relevant to your blog/biz

2. Join relevant group boards where you can pin your content and further your reach

3. Your first board should be your blog or biz board that's filled with JUST your content! 

4. Fill your boards with helpful, informative and entertaining content that your audience will love that is 80% of  your competitors content & 20% of your own. Yes you should be pinning your content AND those of your competitors. Yes really. I want you to promote your competitor's content. In the bucket load!).


The first thing to think about when creating content is how can you create content that will get the click.

Remember you want your audience to get off Pinterest and connect with you on your blog or website. It's great to have 100k followers but if none of them actually click through to read your content, join your email list or buy from you then all of those followers are utter garbage. 

If you're a blogger or blog for your business - you could teach or show your audience something that relates to your expertise.

If you're a product based business you could create product collages with a punchy & alluring headline to get them to see more.

Head over to the worksheet and start brainstorming ways in which you can create awesome content!


 Once you've created the amazing content that's going to get your tribe off Pinterest and into your loving arms, you'll need to make it effortless for them to click through. 

Pinterest is a visual platform which means your graphics are THE most important aspect of your presence on Pinterest. They should be on-brand, beautiful, clickworthy images that are optimised for Pinterest. 

Here are 3 ways to make sure your graphics will get the click and build your brand. 

1. Brand Your Graphics - This means use your brand colors and typography in every graphic you create. Please don't go (what I call) "Canva crazy" and have a different style for each graphic you produce. How is anyone going to know it's YOUR content if your style is always different?

Here's my steamlined, branded graphics I use for Pinterest.

brand graphics

If you want to turn your blog graphics into branded, professional ones before you get started (which I definitely suggest) I have a Pinterest graphics design package that may be helpful. 

2. Optimise for Pinterest - Make your pins 800 px by 1200 px, although you can make the length even longer. Long pins do really well and get re-pinned like crazy. 

3. Create a Content Upgrade - For every piece of content you produce think about how you can offer more value. For every post I create I make sure there's an opportunity to get the reader onto my email list with an opt-in. This can be something like a cheatsheet, workbook, template or video series.

For this post it's the Pinterest Ninja Checklist!

Remember - getting your ideal audience to subscribe to your email list should be your #1 goal. 


Creating systems in your business makes your life a lot simpler. It allows you to appear visible online when in actual fact you could be sipping Mai Tai's in Tahiti. ;)

The biggest time saver for keeping my Pinterest account always active is BoardBooster's looping feature. It continuously loops pins from boards you select so your pins are constantly visible to your audience - hence making it to the top of the smart feed, again and again. 

You can sign up for a free trial here* (*aff link)

I currently loop around 10 pins a day on 10 of my boards. So yes - I schedule 100 pins to be looped every single day - at times I choose. 


Once you've created your amazing content and have your beautiful, branded graphics to promote your incredible content you'll need to think like your audience. 

You have your graphics uploaded to Pinterest and now you just need to input the pin description. This is where you need to think of Pinterest like Google (which it is). What long-form keywords will your audience be searching for? 

My audience won't be searching for 'branding tips'. They will be searching for specific topics like 'how do I create a logo'.

Brainstorm long-form keywords that your audience will be searching for. Once you're ready to complete the description for your pin, you'll need to weave this long form keyword into your description.

For example - if I write a post on how to create a logo from scratch I would input in the description something like '"Are you thinking 'how do I create a logo' that's unique, on-brand & will attract my ideal audience? This post on how to create your own logo is for you."


Joining relevant group boards massively expands the reach of your content - as it can have thousands of eyes on it - due to how many contributors it has. I'm part of around 10 group boards and know that it's the reason for increasing my email list hugely in the past year.

It is also a great way to build a community with your own group board!

You can find group boards to join through I will say - not all boards are accepting contributors so you may not hear back from some. Follow up once and then move on! :)

And there you have it! I hope that you find this super helpful and I'd love to know how you get one with implementing it to grow your brand using Pinterest!

Let me know in the comments below! 

Clare x