What's a Digital Presence & How Good Is Yours?


What is a Digital Presence?

Your digital or online presence is everything that exists about you online. It’s the posts you publish on all of your social accounts to every Google result out there about you.

Whilst it’s a little scary that there’s so much that can be found out about you, you have a great opportunity to ensure what is out there is giving the right impression about who you are. 

Download your FREE digital presence worksheet here. 

Download your FREE digital presence worksheet here. 

Why Do I Need a Digital Presence?

You need a digital presence to show to your ideal audience (recruiter, hiring manager, casting agent, client, customer etc) your expertise, knowledge, experience and crucially, your personality.

Career Builder conducted a study that revealed that 60% of recruiters turn to social media to research job applicants and this figure rises to 76% if you work in tech. The study also revealed that 53% of hiring managers want to see a professional online persona and 40% would be less likely to consider a candidate if they had NO online presence. This shows that not only is it important that you have  a digital presence but how you portray yourself is also key.

What Should Be Included?

So, now you’re probably wondering what you need to be thinking about to improve your digital presence, right? Well, your digital presence is comprised of essentially your social media accounts and your website. Every Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post can be seen (depending on security settings) – so make sure it’s what you want the world to see.

Your own personal website is a way to collate all the information you want seen about you in a succinct, professional way. Having your own URL with your name is a great way to be miles ahead of your competition too.

What Website Should I Create?

Your website’s focus should depend on your short and long term goals and what you want from a succinct, professional digital presence. Do you want a new job now, or perhaps within two years? Perhaps you want to start a blog or business to showcase your talent/expertise, or maybe you’re  a freelancer wanting to develop your personal brand! Whatever your goals you should have this in mind when creating your site. Will it be portfolio based? Can you produce a short introduction video on your homepage about who you are?

Think about ways you can present your expertise, qualifications and personal story in a creative way that will impress your audience.

What is a Social Presence?

Your social presence is how you present yourself through posts on social media. What you post, share and comment on will have an impact on how you’re viewed online. Whilst you may have a professional website you need to realise the importance of how your social interactions will damage or enhance your online persona. 

Download your FREE digital presence worksheet here. 

Download your FREE digital presence worksheet here.